Guest speakers

5/2, Andre Pradhana will lead a discussion on the various ways the gospel actually applies to the topic of work.  If time permits, he would also like to start a discussion on the Principle of Virtual Work and the ramifications of it in the field of physics, mechanics, and even computer graphics.

5/9, Professor John Dabiri (Professor of Aeronautics and Bioengineering, Director of the Center for Bioinspired Wind Energy, Dean-elect of Undergraduate Students, Chair of the Faculty) will be sharing about his faith.

Good Friday, 4/18

Different time.  Different location.  We will be meeting at 80 W. Dayton St, Pasadena for a Good Friday Service with the local church that supports LCF.  Rides leave Avery Circle at 7pm.  If you need a ride, please let Ellen (tel:(205) 335-8604) know!  Join us for a time to reflect on the significance of Jesus’ death on the cross.

33 C.E. Someone prayed a difficult prayer.  Read the greatest prayer in the world (Maundry Thursday).

Prayer workshop

In lieu of our regular Bible study this week, we will be having a prayer workshop. We’ll start with some tips and general guidelines, but most of the time will be spent praying together rather than talking about prayer. Get ready to get on your knees for some guided time of prayer!

Avery Library, 8pm, 2/28